Artificial Grass Yarn Shapes

Artificial Grass Yarn Shapes

Artificial grass yarn comes in different shapes for different results and effects.  In fact, beyond the multitude of variations in colour, pile height, backing type, and overall weight and density, the type of yarn can also affect the look and feel of your grass, not to mention its realism and authenticity.

What Are Artificial Grass Yarn Shapes?

When referring to artificial turf yarn, we mean how the individual blades of grass are shaped. These are then combined with a mixture of base fibres that imitate the look of thatching seen in real grass lawns to provide an accurate look and feel to your imitation lawn.

There are different shapes of yarn that have different benefits, so knowing which one is best for your needs can lead to greater durability and easier maintenance over time.

Different Artificial Yarn Shapes


Artificial Grass Flat Yarn Shapes
Flat blade shape artificial grass

Often the most cost-effective synthetic grass yarn, the blade is completely flat (but can still come in different heights and densities) and, generally, has a soft feel underfoot. Still effective in its realism, this type of grass can be more prone to flattening over time with heavy footfall compared to C-Shape or W Shape Artificial Grass Yarn.

With short pile height you can get that freshly cut lawn look, or longer artificial grass pile height gives a more verdant and lush aesthetic.

Artificial Grass Yarn C Shaped
C-Shaped artificial grass blades

 A very popular artificial grass blade type, the structure of C Shape Artificial Grass Yarn closely mimics that of real grass so that the blades are curved across their width in a ‘C” shape. This adds extra strength and resistance to each blade, assisting the blades in spring back after footfall so that they flatten less noticeably over time.

Reflecting light in a more natural manner, this lends a greater realism to their aesthetic for more authentic artificial grass.



Artificial Grass Yarn W Shaped
W-Shaped artificial grass blades

W Shape Artificial Grass Yarn has a W shape across the width of the blades. This assists in diffusing sunlight across the artificial grass thus heling retains a lower temperature in the grass, keeping it cool and comfortable in warmer climates. At times, it can be up to 15 degrees cooler than other fake grass.

Like C Shape Artificial Grass Yarn, it resists flattening from footfall due to its structure so has a better resilience to flattening over time than that of flat blade shape artificial grass yarn. Considered realistic and durable, its ability to withstand a lot of compression can make it ideal for play areas or sports settings. 

Yarn shape summary

A flat profile provides the greatest softness. A C-shape is a compromise between softness and an ability for the blades to spring-back to an upright position when walked upon and a W-shape provides maximum spring-back, but with less softness underfoot. Other factors, however, such as blade density and the amount of thatch (the curled brown fibres at the base of the grass) can also have an impact on these factors. There is certainly no substitute for seeing and feeling a particular grass close-up, which is why we recommend you order a few samples to compare and contrast colours, densities, yarn types and blade heights before making a decision. 

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