The Benefits of PU Backing

Benefits of PU backing

PU Backing

PU backed artificial grass is synthetic lawn with a PU coating over the latex backing, making it particularly moisture resistant and more resilient to changes in weather. Durable and less likely to hold odours, it has notable advantages for your outdoor space

What is a PU backing on artificial grass?

Polyurethane Artificial Grass is artificial grass with a backing that makes it non-absorbent. Typically, artificial turf comes with a latex backing but can also come with polyurethane, polyolefin or polypropylene backings for different uses.

PU is a polymer. Other polymers include nylon, silicone, polyethylene and polypropylene. It’s basically a substitute for rubber and helps provide a very strong, durable and stable substrate for the blades of artificial grass that are stitched into it. Latex, on the other hand, is a natural rubber.

What Backing is Best for Artificial Grass?

Each artificial grass backing has its advantages for different settings, with the standard latex backing usually being a more cost-effective solution. However, PU backed grass comes into its own with its moisture resistance and flexibility.

Why choose a PU backing?

PU is particularly suited to pets. Some pets can have an allergy to latex which is a more commonly used backing. So, there’s one good reason right there. If you are concerned about possible allergies, then opt for one of our PU coated backings over pure latex every time.

Cat on Fake Grass

By taking on less moisture, it remains lighter and is less likely to become waterlogged, making drainage easier. It also is an ideal choice for those with pets as it doesn’t hold odours from animal urine, making it a more hygienic and pleasant experience. Its flexibility means laying over humps and uneven surfaces is also less of a challenge. 

Temperature resistance

PU is also very temperature stable, meaning it will expand and contract to a lesser degree in very hot or cold weather, thus retaining a better fit for your grass, all day, every day. Latex does the same job, but the addition of a PU coating means it’s just that little bit better at resisting the great British weather and its vastly ranging temperatures.

PU Coating
PU is more durable

A PU coating also has the benefit of added durability. Although any artificial grass will last for many, many years, a PU coated backing will outperform a purely latex backed grass by a good margin.

It has a natural corrosion resistant quality that helps protects against everything nature throws at it.

A PU coated backing also has an additional softness and smoothness for easier and more flexible installation.


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