Artificial Grass Pile Direction

Artificial Grass Pile Direction

Most artificial grass has a pile direction, similar to real grass and it’s the change in pile direction, i.e. the direction in which the blades tend to lean, which results in a stripy lawn when you mow natural grass with a cylinder mover, for example.
In fact, Grass247 has a product in their range which produces exactly the same effect with two differently coloured blade colours. Most of our grasses have a single pile direction and it’s important to know how that can change the appearance of your lawn. If you would prefer to have no pile direction at all, then Grass247 also has some products that are non-directional - Ashvale 42mm Artificial Grass, for example.


Joining two pieces of artificial grass

Firstly, if you need to join two pieces because you have a very wide area to cover, it is important to ensure that the pile runs the same way, otherwise, there will be a noticeable seam, rather than an invisible join. When ordering, please let us know if you intend to join two pieces and where that join will be in relation to the total size and shape of your installation and Grass 247 will advise you on the best approach. And please ensure both pieces are ordered at the same time, ideally, from the same roll and roll width to ensure a 100% colour-match.

For reference, the pile direction will always run lengthways along the roll, not across the width.


The best pile direction for your artificial grass

The most appealing vantage point for your grass will always be with the pile facing/sloping slightly towards you. Assuming you will largely view the lawn from your house, or patio area, looking out onto the garden, you should ensure the length of the roll runs away from you, with the blades slanting slightly towards you.

Face the pile away from you on a front lawn

If you are installing artificial grass on your front lawn you may prefer the pile direction to face the street, so that the front view of your house, from the pavement, is the most appealing view.

Varying widths

Our artificial grasses are available in 2 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre widths depending on the product range to give maximum flexibility, however, regardless of roll width, it is always along the length of the roll, not the width, that the pile will fall.

Help and advice

We appreciate that this can be a little confusing, however, our call operators are always on hand to help you decide on the best solution for your project, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for some friendly advice.


Another thing to consider is the pile and how that can affect the look and feel of your grass in relation to the pile direction. The longer the pile, the more noticeable the pile direction will be. Many of our grasses have blades of varying height for added realism, plus brown blades of shorter thatch which also give the artificial grass a more natural look.

However, there are several key things to consider....

A shorter artificial grass pile will compress less and is usually more affordable, however, that lower price can sometimes result in a lack of density. A 30mm thick artificial grass is often a good compromise.

See our fitting guide for further information on this topic.

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