Quick Guide: Measuring Your Garden For Artificial Grass & Outdoor Carpet

Quick Start Guide

Artificial grass and outdoor carpet is quick and easy to fit, we have a quick-start guide below or click here to view a much more in depth guide.

We recommend you have a quick read through this quick start guide to give you an idea of what materials you may need and how to measure your area. This guide is also available as a downloadable pdf here.

How do I measure my area?

We always recommend you add an extra 100mm or so to your area when measuring your area to ensure you have plenty of product to work with!

• These products are supplied in either 2 or 4 metre widths and will be cut to your measurements up to a maximum of 25 metres in length.
• All of our artificial grasses and outdoor carpets have a ‘pile direction’ which usually runs along the length of the roll.
• Please ensure when measuring that all of your pieces will have the pile direction running in the same direction.

The diagram below shows an example space which is 3m and 5m at its widest and longest points. We've chosen an area with diagonal corners to demonstrate the ease of measuring an unconventional shape.

diagram 1

Measure your space along the widest and longest points, and remember to allow extra for fitting so the piece that you would order for the diagram on the left would be 4m x 6m in size.

b. Depending on which direction you want the pile to face, you can get a 4m x 6m piece or you will need to order two 2 x 3m pieces.

c. The pile direction runs along the length of the roll, which usually means you would have the pile facing towards your house.

  • Double check every measurement for complete accuracy.

What materials will I need?

Depending on where you’re fitting, you may need different materials. If you plan to fit on an existing lawn you will need weed proof membrane, ground pins, and possibly adhesive & jointing tape if you need to make a join.

If you need more information regarding accessories or if you just want some advice don’t hesitate to contact us on on 0800 0599 247 or email info@grass247.co.uk

What tools will I need?

Artificial Grass and Outdoor Carpet can be cut with a good sharp craft knife like a Stanley knife. We recommend you regularly change blades when cutting to give a good clean edge and make it much easier to cut!

If you’re removing existing turf you may need a simple garden spade or a half moon edging tool. For larger areas you may need to hire turf removal equipment, which is readily available from most tool hire centres.


After fitting and edging, some fitters choose to sprinkle silica sand on top of the grass. This helps with drainage and helps the grass fibres to stand up.

For a more in depth look click here to view our complete guide to measuring and fitting artificial grass and outdoor carpet.