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Need some advice on the most suitable type of grass for your home/garden? We’re here to help. Whether you need a quick-start measuring guide or a complete walkthrough with diagrams, we’ve got you covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery take?

We offer fast delivery service which is available on most orders.

Visit our Delivery Page for more details.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all of the prices on our website include delivery & VAT with no hidden charges at the checkout!

How can I place an order?

You can place an order online or over the phone. All payments are processed securely and we never store any financial information.

How do I measure my lawn?

If you are unsure or have never fitted grass before, please take a look at our range of Measuring & Fitting Guide to find which is best for you.

Alternatively, seek advice from a professional landscaper, as their advice is invaluable!

If you require further assistance or guidance with your measuring, please Contact one of our artificial grass experts.

I have seen some artificial grass elsewhere, can you give me a better price?

Yes, please get in contact with us with the name of the grass and where you have seen it for sale. See our Price Guarantee page for more information.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is designed to be a direct replacement for your existing lawn. All our artificial turf is low maintenance, child and pet-friendly, and looks perfect year-round, whatever the weather. We stock a variety of grasses in many different styles and thicknesses, but almost all our artificial grass is made of the same materials, using the same techniques. 

There are many different grass features that can affect the look and feel of artificial turf, depending on your wants and needs.

Artificial Grass Pile Height

All our grasses have a pile height, this is a measure from the base of the yarn to the tip. Most realistic grasses are made using yarn of differing lengths, giving a more natural look, and the measurement is to the longest tuft/blade.


Straight & Curled Pile

Straight & Curled grasses are the most realistic, with a curled brown base that is designed to look like older growth. This gives an extra cushion and bounce to your grass, and makes the straight fibres stand up more. The straight fibres are usually made of one or more shades of green, giving great depth of colour!


Curled Pile

Curled pile grasses resemble specialist golfing grass or 'greengrocers' grass. These are ideal for a home putting green as the surface is more even and regular, higher quality grasses have differing shades for a more realistic look.




This is a measure of the total thickness of the grass, including the backing. As in the pile height, the thickness is to the longest tuft/blade of grass.
Thicker grasses tend to feel softer and more luxurious, but shorter grasses can look neat and freshly mown, the only difference is in your own personal taste.


Pile/Total Weight

Comparing the weights of grasses is an excellent way of seeing the difference in quality. A heavier grass contains more material and tends to be denser, softer, and more comfortable. We have a wide variety of grasses in many weights and pile heights, you may see grasses of a similar thickness with a big difference in weight. The difference is almost always in the pile. The reason for this is to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Natural grass comes in many colours and thicknesses, so artificial grass is the same to give you more choice! We do recommend you order a free sample of any of our grasses to see and feel the difference for yourself, and to see the grass in situ, as grass can look different across differing light conditions.


Pile/Flat Yarn

Flat Yarn is the most common realistic-looking artificial grass out there and offers the softest and most comfortable pile style. A synthetic lawn with flat yarn requires little maintenance, too. A quick brush will remove leaves and debris, leaving your lawn looking perfect year-round. 


C-Shaped Yarn

If you look at natural grass, the blades appear flat, with a ridge along the centre for stability. C-Shaped Yarn works in a similar way, the yarn is curved across the length, encouraging each tuft/blade to stand up, making your lawn look strong and healthy! This also makes the grass stronger against footfall, and enables the tufts to 'spring back'.


Pile Direction

Most artificial grass naturally falls more towards one direction than another. Positioning the turf so that the pile direction faces away from you will provide the best view, and if you are using multiple pieces, it’s important to match the pile direction. Regular brushing with an artificial grass rake and using silica or soft sand will support the grass fibres to keep the turf upright for longer. 


Dye Batches

Our grasses are made in batches, and each roll has an identifying number, allowing us to complete your order using the same dye batch. There can be very slight differences in colour across dye batches, so it’s always best to use the same batch or roll if you require more than one piece. 


Speak to our flooring experts if your area is very large, or if you’re splitting or adding to an existing order. We can try to match your new piece of artificial turf to your existing piece to give it a more uniform appearance. We don’t recommend ordering a mix of widths in one go as they are often made in different dye batches and can’t be exactly matched. 


Latex Backing

Most of our artificial grasses have a latex backing – a water-permeable material that is tough and hard-wearing. The backing is a dark grey/black colour, making the green and brown fibres in the pile stand out. Latex is environmentally friendly, easy to fit, and mess-free.


Drainage Holes

Some high-quality synthetic grasses include drainage holes in the latex backing. Although a latex backing is water permeable, drainage holes can help heavy rain drain through the soil beneath. 


UV/Weather Resistance

Our artificial grasses are made of a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene. This mixture has excellent colour fastness and maintains its appearance in any weather. No matter what the British climate throws at it, you can be sure that your synthetic lawn will look perfect all year round. 


Pet & Child Friendly

Enjoy some peace of mind knowing that all our artificial grasses are lead and cadmium-free, making our lawns a safe space for your children and pets. Whether used for soft play or an area for your pets, our synthetic lawns are made to withstand cleaning with mild detergents. And any mess left behind by your pets can simply be washed away. 


Stain Resistant

Polypropylene is a naturally stain-resistant material that not only holds its colour against sunlight but also bleaching chemicals. Spills, dirt and mess can be quickly cleaned with mild detergent or diluted bleach, giving your lawn a long lifetime. 



A contract grass or carpet is designed to be fitted in a commercial environment. If you intend to fit grass or carpet in a particularly busy area of your home garden, these products will outlast any other! These tend to be very hard-wearing, stain-resistant grasses and carpets due to the thicker yarns used.