Artificial Grass Pile Height

Artificial Grass Pile Height
Artificial Grass Pile Height
Artificial Grass Pile Height

Pile height. Yes, you guessed it. It’s the overall total height of the blades, excluding the backing. Not all the blades, however, will be the same height. Some of the yarn will often vary in height to give a more authentic look and there will usually be shorter, brown curly fibres at the base of the grass to mimic the appearance of thatch.

The total height, or overall thickness to use another term, is the maximum height of the tallest and the majority of the blades in any given piece of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Pile Height
What artificial grass thickness should I choose?

There is a vast difference between the shortest and longest pile heights available in our selection of artificial turf. Depending on what you will be using the grass for and how you want it to look will determine the pile height you choose. Most grasses fall in the middle spectrum, from 20mm - 35mm and these heights are for general use. However, exceptionally long, or short piles tend to have specific uses, so you may have to consider which type of grass is right for you.

Generally, uses fall into several categories; ornamental, play area, family area, pet friendly, entertainment, sports activities and so on.

Below 20mm pile heights

These tend to be either a budget grass, or a specialist grass, like that used for golf putting greens, or sports. With a good pile density, they are ideal for daily use and heavy foot traffic, as the pile is short and flattening is less evident even under daily use.

20mm pile heights

A 20mm thick artificial grass has the look of a closely cropped lawn. Think bowling green, golf course fairway, or an ornamental lawn at a stately home. It provides an immaculate look, that also has great resistance to flattening of the pile, so it’s ideal for everyday use.

30mm pile heights

A popular choice which gives the appearance of a freshly mown lawn. For the lushest of looks go for a high total weight and density and you will have a lawn that will last for years and stay looking look great for all manner of uses; for kids, pets, games, parties and lounging in the sun.

40mm and above pile heights

Choose a longer pile height for that perfect, untouched look of perfection. Super-green, super-lush and super-soft underfoot. Not always ideal for fun and games, but for a lawn that is largely ornamental, you can’t go wrong with a thick, deep pile to sink your toes into on a warm summer’s day.

Fast delivery is available on all of our artificial grasses.
Artificial Grass Pile Height
Order some free samples to help you choose

We offer free samples of all our grasses so that you can inspect at home before making a buying decision. Compare colours, pile heights, yarn types and all other aspects to find the right grass for you.

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