Palmbank 35mm Artificial Grass 5m - Sample

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Palmbank 35mm Artificial Grass 5m - Sample


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This stunning Palmbank 35mm Artificial Grass can help you create your perfect lawn. Get a fantastic feel underfoot and a beautifully realistic appearance with a varied mix of green and brown.

With its larger 5m widths you can design bigger and better with this luxurious grass without having to join multiple sections together. The combination of spined blades and curled base fibres complement each other and produce a more realistic look with a comfy and durable feel. This artificial grass doesn’t produce any pollen and requires no watering or mowing making it an amazing low maintenance choice for any garden.

With its drainage holes in the robust backing, this artificial grass allows water to drain through to the ground below. You can add artificial grass to a lot of different places from covering concrete or decking to balconies or roofs or even just replacing existing lawns.

This kid and pet friendly artificial grass is made from lead and cadmium free materials.

This grass also comes in 2m & 4m Wide.