Artificial Grass in Summer

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In the summertime, being outside is what we all look forward to - the garden parties, outdoor cinema visits, beach trips, and barbecues. Let’s face it, nothing beats a family barbecue in the warm weather.

But, when cooking your burgers and sausages on the barbecue, it’s important to take care of the ground below you, especially if you have artificial grass.

The team at Grass247 have provided information on some of the most important questions you may need to ask when having a BBQ on artificial grass.

Can you have a barbecue on artificial grass?

Absolutely! You can have a barbecue on artificial grass provided you take the necessary safety measures, and take into account the type of barbecue you are using.

If you are using a small disposable BBQ. it’s important that you don’t put this directly onto the fake grass floor. Instead, use a metal stand or a large rock, or place it on paving in your garden.

Does artificial grass melt?

Artificial grass can actually melt if exposed to fire, so it’s crucial to keep the lawn away from any open flames.

As well as this, hot food items on the floor can melt the fake grass, so be sure to have a platter or plates on hand to move the hot food onto once barbecued.

Does artificial grass burn?

Whilst artificial grass can melt, it doesn’t technically burn. However, it’s best to check this with your supplier for more information on the material to be safe.

If you need some extra peace of mind, you could even purchase fire retardant grass.

How do you clean artificial grass?

Cleaning artificial grass is a simple task, and you can even buy a range of different accessories to help with this.

However, when it comes to damage and stains caused from hot items or fire, there are a few steps you must follow to clean the fake grass properly:

  • First, cut the damaged area with scissors - a simple trim of the damaged material should remove any noticeable issues
  • Next, dispose of this trimmed material, as you don’t want this to end up in the mouths of our children or furry friends!
  • Finally, clean the artificial grass with an allover surface cleaner to remove any stubborn stains

If the damage is irreparable, you can always get the grass replaced. For a professional and unnoticeable job, it’s best to call in the professionals to do this for you.

When you have the perfect lawn, there’s no better way to enjoy it than having a BBQ in the sunshine. 

Whether you have a real lawn, or an artificial lawn, it’s always okay to enjoy some hot food on the grill. But remember to follow the necessary safety precautions to prevent any damage to your fresh, lush artificial grass.

I want some artificial grass!

Artificial grass is a simple and easy way to amplify the look of your yard or garden, and you can browse our full range of artificial grass products here.