Tyne 30mm Artificial Grass - Sample

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Tyne 30mm Artificial Grass - Sample


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This brilliantly realistic Tyne 30m Artificial Grass adds a rich, lush look to your lawn or garden. With a 28mm pile, this fake turf creates a neat and established look with next to no maintenance.

With its C-shaped blades, this grass stands straighter and has a more natural look, which is complemented by curled base yarn. Its springy feel and mix of different hues as to its lifelike appearance. This synthetic lawn doesn’t produce pollen and does not require mowing so you can enjoy it no matter the season.

Add your style to lawns, patios, decking or even concrete with this artificial turf. This fake grass comes with a robust backing that contains drainage holes so water can drain through it.

This kid and pet friendly artificial turf is manufactured from cadmium and lead free materials.