Ellingdale 35mm Artificial Grass - Sample

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Ellingdale 35mm Artificial Grass - Sample


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With this realistic Ellingdale 35mm Artificial Grass you can add a beautiful looking lawn to even more places. No mowing or watering make this a fantastic low effort alternative for your garden.

Multiple tones come together to give this fake lawn a wonderfully natural appearance that is complemented by a mix of straight and curled fibres. The blades use a C-shaped yarn that stands straighter and springs back into shape faster after being flattened.

Drainage holes in the backing allows water to flow through this synthetic turf and drain through to the surface under. With its versatile base, this fake grass can be added over on decking, concrete, balconies and more or used to replace current lawns.

This artificial lawn is suitable for children and pets and is made from lead and cadmium free materials.