Artificial Grass Buyer's Guide

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Artificial Grass buyer's guide.

Artificial grass has become an ever more popular solution for gardens and outside spaces with new products that are strong, super-realistic and feature a combination of blade heights and colours to produce the effect of a natural looking lawn. So realistic, in fact, that you’ll struggle to tell it from the real thing.

A new generation of artificial grass.

‘Artificial grass’ or ‘synthetic grass’, has developed and improved since it was first invented in the 60’s. It now has a number of features to improve its lifespan and realism. It’s softer, with a stronger backing. Some grasses have ‘C’ shaped blades for heightened realism and brown coloured ‘thatch’ is incorporated to add a realistic “dead grass” appearance along with extra cushioning. Multiple blade colours and blade heights are used and sand can be used as an infill on top of your lawn to help the blades stand upright and to last longer and stay cleaner for many years to come.

Artificial grass continues to improve and evolve and as one of the UK’s largest importers and suppliers, Grass 247 will continue to bring top quality products to the market.

Key advantages of Artificial Grass.

Compared to a natural lawn, which needs regular mowing, weeding, fertilising and often watering in the summer months, artificial grass is a perfect low-maintenance solution for a practical green space which is easy to install as a DIY project and will last for many years, even decades. You certainly don’t need to edge or scarify a fake lawn, just blow or rake off autumn leaves, or occasionally hose off dirt or animal droppings. Otherwise, an occasional quick brush to raise the pile will keep it looking great with no parched or muddy patches, or mowing to worry about, you can just sit back and admire the view instead.

Great for children. Great for pets.

Artificial grass is far tougher than natural grass and will stand up to the rough and tumble of kids play, pets and outdoor games. After, all, with it’s origins in ‘Astro Turf’, it has been used in sports arenas for decades. In short, it’s strong and durable and comes with a weed proof backing which also has drainage holes that allow it to dry much more quickly than natural grass after rainfall and thus allows more time for outdoor activities... without mud being brought into the house.

For children’s play areas, you can add a soft, bouncy ‘shock-pad’ beneath your grass to help cushion falls and make the rough and tumble as safe as possible.

And if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, or any preference for a furry friend, you can be sure that they will be safe and comfortable on our pet friendly artificial grasses. They’re non toxic and easy to clean and there are specialist ‘LawnClenZ’ products to help reduce odour. Built-in drainage holes allow rain - and urine to pass right through. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ‘burnt’ patches either... your grass will always look like new.

Environmental advantages of artificial grass

Artificial grass, over its lifetime, will never need mowing, thus saving huge amounts of energy, and air pollution, particularly in the case of petrol mowers. No fertilisers are needed and no watering means big cost savings on your water bill and a lush green lawn is assured all year round. At the end of its long life, it can also be recycled, like any other plastic based product.

Which artificial grass to choose?

Grass 247 offer a huge range of artificial grass, so there’s something for every preference. Our premium artificial grasses generally have a higher density of blades, multiple coloured blades and a deeper overall pile height. Lighter ranges offer a more affordable alternative. Choose a deep pile height for a super-soft plush feel underfoot, and choose a dense pile for a more resilient surface for the rough and tumble of kids and outdoor games. There are also specialist grasses available to help you create a putting green, or mini-golf course, as well as options that have ‘stripes’ built into the pile to create the look of a freshly cut ‘stately’ lawn.

And if you’re unsure, request some samples, free of charge and you can compare products at home before you buy.

Can I lay artificial grass on decking, or concrete?.

You can lay artificial grass just about anywhere. It can be pegged, glued and fixed to almost any surface, giving you a wide range of creative possibilities. You can lay it on curved and undulating surfaces, on walls, on steps, on decking... and of, course to replace an existing lawn that’s past its sell-by date, all with the necessary preparation. It can easily be cut to any shape, to create curves and feature areas, large or small.

Five metre roll widths.

As well as the more common 4 metre and 2 metre roll widths, at Grass 247, you can also buy selected artificial grasses in 5 metre roll widths. Ideal for larger areas and to reduce the need for joins.

A typical installation: How to fit artificial grass

There are plenty of YouTube videos, which will give you all the information you need to tackle your project yourself, plus you’ll find a detailed installation guide on this website.

If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, seek out landscape gardeners and installers in your area, or get a range of quotes from sites such as Trusted Trader.